The Jones Gang

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey Gang:

Facebook has me addicted. I've not posted to this in about a year!!! I'll try to improve.

I'm looking forward to my visit with Kevin and Lindsay on the 9th of July. Then with Taryn and Levi on the 14th. Wow!! Lots of family time!! Love it!!!

I'm into my 5th class on my Master's work. It is really requiring a lot of time and energy. I'm just happy to be working on it. I love to learn!!!

I thought this was really pretty at the end of Woodley Rd.

Luv you all!!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey Gang:
Here are some pictures of baby Levi, Tony and Stephanie's house and, of course, big sister Taryn. We had a really good weekend on the 11th.
Love you all!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hey Everyone:
Here are the before and after pictures of the garden. There are sweet potatoes in the first box, along with broccoli and brussel sprouts. There is zucchini, yellow squash, radishes and cucumbers in the second box. In the third box, there are bell peppers, lettuce, carrots, spinach and pumpkins. Now that the slugs are gone, it's all looking much better. At the bottom, my salad made from lettuce and radishes grown in my own garden!! Luv you all!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey Gang:

Hope everyone had a great Easter! It was a beautiful day on Friday and Saturday, so I planted my garden! Just posted some pics so you could see it! I hope the birds and the ants cooperate and I get plenty of veggies. I like to steam them in the steamer. In the top pic, those are plant seed packages on the dirt. In the second pic, the two green plants are bell peppers.

I can't believe Tony will be 29 on Friday. Wow! I remember him when he was just a pup!!

Luv you all!!


Monday, February 09, 2009

Hey Gang:

Just want to show off my new kitchen!! It's been tough work, but well worth it! I've grouted the part on the left, but still have to do the part on the right. Next, paint!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Tale of Wyatt Lewis

We were all quite surprised when we first got the call;

Baby Cailynn Elyse was the most shocked of all!

So we drove and we drove and we got there at 4,
And look who we found standing next to the door!

He told us, "She's pushed and tried every convection,

And now the doc says we must try a c-section.

So they wheeled her on down and got her to be quiet;

And in a few minutes out came baby Wyatt!!

So after much illness and a mother quite worn,
We find smiles and laughter and a new family born.

Now Christmas is merry and full of sweet blisses!

And a Mimi and Aunt who've gotten all of his kisses!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey Gang:

Well, here's the before and after pictures. The cabinets and countertop are in! I'm really glad to have it done!! I will hopefully get a sink in the next week or so, but I'm just happy to have the cabinets and countertop!